The Original Petite Cheesecake.

The Original Petite Cheesecake.


 We use only the highest quality ingredients and wherever possible, we buy locally.  You will find no artificial colours or flavours, gluten or nuts in our cheesecakes, only real cheese, rich cream, fresh fruit and plenty of silky chocolate.


Because our cheesecakes are petite, you can easily have more than one.  With large cheesecakes, you have to choose just one flavour; with our petites, cheesecake lovers never have to make those hard choices again.


We’ve also added a twist to traditional cheesecake.


The main ingredient in cheesecake, cream cheese, pairs well with both sweet and savoury flavours.  With this in mind, we have developed a line of elegant cheesecake hors d’oeuvres that will impress any palate.  Savoury or sweet, before or after dinner (or both!): the choice is yours.



Bacon Marmalade


Smoked Salmon Dill


Hot Pepper Medley


Balsamic Beet/Caper







Sea Salt Caramel




New York Chocolate


Classic Black Cherry


Wild Blueberry Crumble


Lemon Cream


Sugar Free Chocolate Cream


Sugar Free Vanilla Cream